Belief systems

Chaneled by -Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek-
Limited Belief systems come from experiences that we have experienced in our past. If we allow these belief systems to permeate through our existence than we are in fact living the past and not in the present.

   However if we approach every experience as if for the first time we may be surprised to find our experiences in fact become entirely different from what we have expected. 

   This in fact is one of the key points in trying to live in the present moment and not basing your reality from experiences  in the past. When we base our experiences from a moment of present awareness we then allow our world to shift and change as well. Simply put we are in a creator world where we attract and create for ourselves what we believe to be reality. 

   If your reality is created from perceptions created in the past then you are not creating a new reality for yourself.

Be Blessed! Thank you!

Spirituality Versus Religion.

Religion versus Spirituality
   While religion can stem from spirituality it has expected conclusions and set limitations which are agreed upon by a collective consciousness. These limitations often impose certain viewpoints and rules for expressing ones own divinity in a manner that is agreed upon. The issue with this is that these limitations are rules set and governed by the organization and the group as a whole evolves together. Sometime this spiritual growth can become stagnant over time and does not meet the needs of every individual.
    Spirituality on the other hand comes from within and is quite expansive. It is merely an expression of one's own divinity in the manner which suits the individual. Spirituality has no limits or boundaries except the ones that are self imposed by the individual.
   We are all spiritual individuals and it is up to us to shine our own lights. The beautiful thing about spirituality it that it allows oneself to explore the depths of one's ow…
Spirituality versus Faith
Chaneled by -Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek-
    We are truly connected and it is a matter of whether we want this divine connection to exists on a more expansive level.
    While dimensions exist in consciousness there is a great potential to coexist in several while focusing in on just one dimension. 
We  will just merely elaborate on the concept of belief system. The belief system however limited Is only limited  by the person's will to expand in their current state of being.   It deals with neither the present nor future it merely sets the limitation of what one is willing to experience. 
   So there are many beliefs systems that  can cause a person to feel unconnected to the divine source we all call God , Budah Jesus or Allah. Well  there are so many different belief systems that one can hardly know which to consider to be best this is why we have considered that matter of Spituality in great  detail.    So as not to give one the false belief  that one r…

The White owl

The white owl is a totem animal that has often been associated with Magic. But there is another side to the white owl that some people don't see.  The White owl is also an ally for a healing and transmutation. Often times we may lose our way on this path we call life and when we wander off we can feel lost.  When this happens times may even seem dark.  But this is the best time for this spirit ally to be called on.   This Ally is willing to lend it's Eyes, Ears and wings when you find yourself on those scary misadventures. My Experience with this guide has been and interesting one that has brought my practice to new levels. Over the course of my training I have encountered this wonderful Ally and each time I have learned something new about myself.  This ally has been a wonderful teacher and continues to show me new things that have allowed me to spread my wings in times that have been somewhat scary for me.  I love the energy of the white owl and love when it shows up in my cli…

A Fellowship for Trance Channels

Our First fellowship meeting for Trance Channels starts this Sunday in Romeoville Illinois. If you are a Trance channel that wants to make a Difference please send message me for more details. The Topic we are covering is Ascension and the collective consciousness.

Authenticity and Spirituality

Authenticity and Spirituality

It  important to express to the children of light that authenticity is your greatest strength  and that we should be able to shine our lights when we are in our most authentic states we are more connected to the Divine.
It is in our most connected states that we are reaching from within our truest self when we express from our heart we are more vulnerable yet more powerful. You are the manifestations of the divine.  It is your will that allows you to be this in its purest forms.
So in regards to religious expression . We must always allow ourselves to be flexible and yet be authentic in our beliefs as a person. To be flexible with these beliefs allows us the room to grow and expand our consciousness. So we must always honor our truest self by allowing ourselves to change perspectives.

-Be Blessed-

Free online event by Green Karma LLC

Hello my name is Angel   I am a certified Bon Jhankri practioner of Vajrakiliya Tantra. Bon Jhankri is a healing practice that predates ancient Tantric Hinduism and is used in Healing. I am creating this Remote Blessing ceremony especially for Spiritual practioners and anyone with an open Heart.
    This Deeksha ceremony is to help bestow upon everyone the Divine Grace from the Goddess Mahakali and the Divine Blessings of her consort Makala (also known as Shiva). During this Blessing you may experience Divine Bliss and may experience a divine connection to the Goddess in which will clear out your chakras and free your spirit and your Divine Kundalini Energy. In addition you will be blessed with a spiritual a...wakening that will elevate your state of consciousness and assist you with material abundance and a happy family!
    During this Blessing it is best to have about 30 minutes set aside for processing and integration of this Blissful Divine Energy. This Blessing will be done rem…